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eThinker: Supply Chains Need to Automate

One of the big reasons for supply chain failure is, of course, the scarcity of goods, but a recent look at supply chain-oriented job postings reveals another difficulty: the types of jobs being posted are still extremely manual at a time when roles and tasks should be more automated.

TechRepublic reported on the recent findings of B2B integration software company Cleo, which claimed that supply chain jobs are failing to keep up with the latest efforts toward digitalization. The repercussions of this lack of supply chain automation are twofold: First, companies that fail to keep up with digitalization risk being thwarted by more technology-savvy competitors. Second, job seekers with the necessary technology skills are more likely to look elsewhere for the right opportunities.

“These findings clearly point to a deep deficit in supply chain automation at a time when companies can least afford it,” Tushar Patel, chief marketing officer at Cleo, said. “The lack of recruiting for people skilled in modern software will result in organizations struggling to keep up with operational efficiencies–which are desperately needed in an increasingly fierce supply chain market.”

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