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eThinker: Beware the AI-Generated Deepfake

A few years ago, when the media was reeling from reports of a now discredited dossier that included the “Pee-Pee Tape” from Moscow, the technical world was also becoming alarmed about deepfakes, manufactured pictures and videos that were so realistic…

eThinker: Cybersecurity, Good News and Bad

Every now and then, the good guys win. That must be how it felt when members of the Hive Ransomware criminal gang clicked on their dark website and got the following message: “This hidden site has been seized. The Federal…

eThinker: Supply Chains Need to Automate

Climate-change deniers often say that the climate has changed before, and they’re right. But maybe you ought to look at a graphic depiction of just what that climate change involves. The webcomic xkcd may look like the scrawls of a first-grader with…