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Wholesale & Distribution

Barcode Gateway works with Microsoft Dynamics SL streamline receiving and shipping of inventory and orders.Drive down costs for distributing manufactured goods by integrating business and financial systems with the warehouse.

Do you struggle with high labor costs because your current business applications are inefficient? Do you need a better solution which incorporates automated planning and processing of customer orders, built-in credit checking, and robust support for price discount levels in the inventory and customer categories?

Microsoft Dynamics SL provides inventory, receiving, billing, and sales solutions, which are all integrated with your financial systems. This helps you reduce distribution costs and inventory, streamline processes, and manage complex promotional activities. At the same time, you can significantly improve your customer service.

Key Features

Barcode Gateway & Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Inventory module:
    • Inventory Lookups can be performed remotely in the warehouse. 
    • Inventory Transfers are now easy and quick with our "one-step" and "two-step" transfers. 
    • Inventory Counts can be performed using an Inventory Count Worksheet and tags produced in Microsoft Dynamics SL. You can count by tag or by item. 
    • Allows inventory to be "received" and "used up," without using the Purchasing or Order Management Module in the Issues and Returns function or Receive Inventory function.  Inventory Adjustments have been added. 
    • Kitting has been added to the Barcode Gateway so kits can be made from the warehouse floor. 
    • Pallet Builder allows groups of items to be moved and transferred.
Barcode Gateway & Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Purchasing module:
    • Allows for the receipt of inventory into the Microsoft Dynamics SL’s PO Receipt. 
    • Allows the user to produce a Purchase Order from the handheld with a Quote status.
Barcode Gateway & Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Order Management module:
    • Sales Orders are picked and readied for invoicing using the SO Shipper function. The handling of the completed Shipper is performed by Microsoft Dynamics SL, using the rules as set up in Order Management. Now you can also Confirm Picking and Confirm Receipt through OM/Shippers.
Barcode Gateway & Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Work Order Module:
    • Material Issue & Material Transfers/Returns. 
    • Production Complete allows completions of jobs in Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Work Order done from the warehouse.
Barcode Gateway & Sandler Kahne’s Project Work Order/Shop Floor Control Modules:
    • Material Issue & Material Transfers/Returns. 
    • Allows labor tracking on the Shop Floor to track time and labor costs.
Barcode Gateway & Microsoft Dynamics SL’s Service Series Module:
    • Produces Service Series Invoices for Inventory & service changes.
Barcode Gateway & Vicinity Manufacturing Integration:
    • Integration to Vicinity Manufacturing is currently in development and will be available in the near future.
Barcode Gateway & RFID Capability:
    • The Barcode Gateway currently has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) imbedded in the Barcode Gateway and the capability to use it will be coming soon.