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Professional Services

Microsoft Dynamics SL offers Professional Services Organizations increased profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service.

Increased profitability and unmatched client service
for accounting, legal, and business consultants.

Professional Services Organizations face many challenges in managing people and finances, as well as maintaining profitability for client services and projects. Success requires projects to be completed on time and meet or exceed client requirements. In addition, organizations must continually evolve products and services to meet rapidly-changing client demands.

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a comprehensive business solution that integrates project, resource, time, and financial management information. It is designed to help Professional Services Organizations improve profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, and customer service while adapting quickly to changing business conditions.

Key Features

Project management:

    • Gain insight and control over all aspects of a project portfolio 
    • Make more effective decisions 
    • Increase productivity 
    • Quickly access comprehensive data about project performance and profitability

Financial management

    • Easily collect time and project expenses 
    • Generate customer invoices efficiently 
    • Compare budgets against expenditures 
    • Improve cash flow 
    • Simplify project accountability

Resource management

    • Efficiently analyze, assign, and manage human resources 
    • Identify and acquire all needed resources

Analysis and business intelligence

    • Retrieve and summarize data across multiple projects to assess performance
    • Get a "big picture" view of the company's overall health 
    • Measure results precisely 
    • Forecast costs and budgets accurately 
    • Maintain an archive of historical customer information


    • Share accurate, centralized information with employees and customers 
    • Allow participation by all project stakeholders 
    • Provide 24/7 Web access to key information

Integration with familiar software

    • Use seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Microsoft Office 
    • Maximize your IT investment