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MicroComputer Resources, Inc.
Serving Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Broward County, Dade County, the Palm Beaches, South Florida, the United States, South America . . . and the world!

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Networking Services

Your business depends on your computers,
so who do you entrust with your computer services?

MicroComputer Resources, Inc. (MCR) provides IT Consulting and IT Support Services for clients who need the cost savings of IT outsourcing. Let us keep your network running at optimal levels 24/7. Our services go well beyond fast response and expert on-site assistance.

Technology can be confusing, and determining all of your specific needs can be overwhelming. At MCR, our Microsoft Small Business Specialists can provide a comprehensive, personalized solution, and explain it to you in a manner that is precise, accurate and easy to understand.

As a client of MCR, you are assigned a personal technician who will become familiar with the people, hardware, and software related to your organization. This relationship becomes extremely powerful because it enables us to understand the requirements of your business, and most importantly, the individuals within it. Your highly qualified technician can resolve your immediate needs and assist you with important strategic decisions. That is how MCR's breadth of experience and expertise brings big-company IT muscle without the big IT expense.An interview with you and your IT staff can effectively determine your IT needs and construct a long-term solution by reviewing the following areas of your network:

Software and Hardware  Storage and Backup Requirements
 Network Security  Virus Protection
 E-mail Requirements  Network Administration Requirements
 Remote Access Connectivity  Electronic Fax & Telephony
 Disaster Recovery  Firewall Security
 Data Protection  
  Following the interview, one of our experienced staff members will provide you with a recap of the information collected, as well as notify you of any "hot" issues you may want immediately addressed. Next, a comprehensive written analysis and maintenance plan is provided in a follow-up report which includes:
    • Identifying whether your business is at risk for downtime due to hardware failure or software issues.
    • Recommending solutions that will enhance the capabilities and performance of your network.
    • Providing you the opportunity to proactively address ineffective security measures or inefficiencies in your network (which can deplete employee resources and be costly for network management).
    • Ensuring long-term business network support to allow for future growth.

MCR partners with you to provide personalized network services that help your business grow and function more efficiently. We take your trust very seriously and will work to maximize your return on your IT investments. By focusing on keeping your network secure, while maintaining the performance your business demands, MCR will become a valued asset to your company. Whether you are adding a single desktop computer, integrating a new server, creating a multi-site network or increasing your data security, MCR will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.