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Dynamics SL and Spitfire

Effective project management: A Contractor's Solution

Spitfire for Construction works with Microsoft Dynamics SL to meet a contractor's project management needs.

General contractors and residential homebuilders face many challenges in providing timely, quality service to clients profitably and within the scope of their contracts. Effectively managing job schedules, job site materials, cash flow, profit margins, and labor effectively requires constant attention and informed decision making.

MicroComputer Resources, Inc. (MCR), a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, has a solution that meets all of these requirements.  Microsoft Dynamics SL, integrated with Spitfire for Construction, provides project management, job costing, materials management, service call entry, receiving, billing, and sales solutions — all integrated with your financial systems. This allows you to manage complex job sites while lowering costs, reducing project delays and improving customer service.

Construction Management Software — for General Contractors

Spitfire offers a complete suite of tools to simplify the complexities of a contractor's construction accounting requirements. From AIA Billings to Zero-based budgeting, we have got you covered.

Spitfire's fully integrated system consolidates your company's strategic information into a seamless solution addressing your needs today and tomorrow. Our broad spectrum of applications — including Project Management, Job Costing, Accounting Management, and the unique Watchdog Alert system — allows us to package our software to meet the diverse needs of your general contracting business.

Workflow/Document Control/Document Imaging

Take control of your projects and your documents. Spitfire's Project Management series provides total control and audit trails for all of your documents, including change orders, submittals, transmittals, RFIs (Request For Information), etc. Not only can you track your documents, you can also scan then and view them online. No more lost or missing documents.

Exceptions find you

With Spitfire's general contractor software bundle, you will have control of your information in one system; there will be no more duplicate entries or mismatched information. Also, you can set your own exception values and have Watchdog monitor your information for you. Whenever one of your exception values is reached, Watchdog will send you an alert; this means there will be no more poring over pages and pages of reports to find problems. Watchdog will bark whenever an exception is encountered.

Custom fit: flexible and extendable

Our powerful customization tools provide unprecedented control over screen design, data handling, invoice and report formats. We offer a sophisticated user-defined work breakdown structure and project hierarchy with unlimited revenue recognition options.

Throughout the system, you wiIl find numerous areas where you can tailor Spitfire to your company. For example: in Project Management, you can customize the column structure in several reports; in Financials, you can modify your Income Statement and your Profit and Loss Reports to your specifications; and throughout the system, you can add user-defined fields to most screens. Furthermore, since our reports use Crystal Reports or SQL Reporting Services, you can modify or add to these existing reports.

Project Controller

As the “heart” of job cost control, this is the area that controls how your jobs are structured, maintained, and closed out. Rules may be established to define automatic computations for overhead allocations, billing rates, and revenue that apply rates, multipliers, and percentages to project transactions for analysis and billing. You can “roll-up” projects for summary analysis or “drill down” to see detailed transactions. You have complete visibility of your committed costs, including daily labor costing. Spitfire gives you have full control over your project's cost and revenue!

Contract Management

The reason you are called a contractor is that contracts are central to your business — and proper control of them is essential! With our Contract Management application you can easily gain control of your change order process, with your customers as well as subcontractors. During the change order process, budget and billing information, as well as the contract itself, is updated. With our subcontractor payment control, you can tie release of payment to critical control factors, like release of lien waivers. In addition, our pay-when-paid feature streamlines your cash flow management and keeps everyone happy.

Project Budgeting and Forecasting

The key to understanding your profit picture is to start with a valid baseline and make certain your cost at completion is as accurate as possible. Spitfire provides a variety of forecasting methodologies including Percentage Completion and various other productivity-driven components. Budget entry is easy with a variety of budget-entry vehicles (including imports and budget templates) and exporting your budget to an Excel spreadsheet for analysis or refinement takes just a click of a mouse.

Flexible Billings

You need flexible and complete billing options to meet the diverse needs of your clients. Whether AIA, Cost-based, Progress billing, or a combination, we have the right tool to get the job done. Frequently, construction billings may require some modifications, both during and after the billing cycle. With Spitfire, it is easy to add, delete, or modify billing items; in addition we handle “roll-backs” on AIA billings. You also have the ability to facilitate payment of subcontractor's request for payment tied to your billing schedule of values.

Project Allocator

In construction, it sometimes seems we deal with more exceptions than rules. The Allocator application has been developed to allow you to automate and control complex cost and billing allocations. From allocating your company G&A (General & Administration) cost to exclusion of non-billable cost items in T&M (Time & Materials) billings, we have got you covered. Finally, YOU have control over these complex processes. We provide tools for multi-tier rates, automatic allocations, “filtering” of cost or billing data, with full audit control. In addition, with date sensitive controls, you can enter rate changes ahead of time, confident that they will be applied at the right time.

Construction Payroll

Ensuring your employees are happy and productive begins with making sure they are properly compensated. In construction, this is easier said than done. We have developed the tools you need to handle complex rate determinations, track and report Worker's Compensation, deal with your Union reporting requirements, and quickly hire and terminate employees. We support all Federal and State withholding and reporting requirements and can even establish priority of garnishment withholding. You can also record equipment charges and production quantities, in conjunction with recording of your employees' time. With Project Accounting's Time and Expense for Projects module, and its seamless integration to Financial's Payroll module, you will get a complete solution.